Welcome to Thermo

A quick recap of the first real class today.

  1. We will use DeHoff and Gaskell as the official text books. There are many other texts available, and you are welcome to consult any of them.

  2. The primary focus will be on classical (aka macroscopic) thermodynamics with applications to materials science and engineering. Since the macroscopic behaviour of systems arise from interactions among zillions and zillions of tiny entities (atoms and molecules), we will touch upon ideas from statistical thermodynamics to reveal the connections between the microscopic and macroscopic worlds.

  3. Your sessionals and finals will each have a 50% weight towards your final grade. For the sessionals, we decided to go with your best two scores in three mid-terms tests.

  4. You will all send me a test e-mail to include you in the Google Group being created for this course. I also requested you to include your picture to enable me to memorize your name and face.

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