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Gas-Gas Miscibility Gaps?

Many binary phase diagrams display a miscibility gap in the solid state (Ni-Au) as well as in the liquid state (check out the monotectic transformations in the Cu-Se system). What about gas-gas miscibility gaps? Gases behave ideally at low pressures … Continue reading

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Boiling and Freezing in One Experiment

In this demo, acetone in a water-acetone solution is made to boil off by creating a low enough pressure. Acetone that leaves the system carries so much energy with it that the water-rich solution actually freezes! Watch this cleverly designed … Continue reading

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Is Spider Silk tough enough and strong enough to stop a metro train?

I’m sure you remember this scene in Spiderman 2: How realistic is this scenario — is it actually possible for a web of spider silk to halt a speeding metro train? Apparently, the paperit is. Assuming that the ‘web’ has … Continue reading

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Mayer vs. Joule

Here’s something from the early history of thermodynamics: who should get the credit for the First Law? Just came across an interesting io9 article: Why Julius Robert von Mayer was one of the unluckiest men in science by Esther Inglis-Arkel. … Continue reading

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