An excellent (and short) primer on Stereographic Projection

The Guardian has an excellent article by Alex Bellos: Pumpkin geometry: stunning shadow sculptures that illuminate an ancient mathematical technique. “Henry Segerman and Saul Schleimer paint beautiful shadows based on the maths of stereographic projection, a method originally used by cartographers to map the Earth.”

One of the 3D printed sculptures.

This (2,3,7) triangle tiling is one of the 3D printed sculptures you can browse at Henry Segerman’s Mathematical Art.

In the Guardian article, Bellos discusses several examples of 3D-printed patterns on spherical shells (“pumpkin carvings”) produced by mathematicians Henry Segerman and Saul Schleimer to illustrate some of the basic properties of sterographic projections — including the fact that angles (but not the distances) on the spherical surface are preserved in the projection. Along the way, we get to see some really beautiful, mathematically inspired art!

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