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Is Spider Silk tough enough and strong enough to stop a metro train?

I’m sure you remember this scene in Spiderman 2: How realistic is this scenario — is it actually possible for a web of spider silk to halt a speeding metro train? Apparently, the paperit is. Assuming that the ‘web’ has … Continue reading

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NPR Materials?

The previous post was on NLC materials that expand along some (but only some!) directions under an applied pressure. NLC, of course, stands for negative linear compressibility. The expansion along some directions is more than compensated by a shrinkage along … Continue reading

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How do materials respond to hydrostatic pressure?

Thermodynamic stability demands that the compressibility, , be positive. This means that the volume should decrease with increasing pressure. For fluids (gases and liquids), the volume decrease is accomplished by an equal decrease in linear dimensions along all directions. This … Continue reading

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