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Undersea Microstructures

From Nadia Drake’s Ars Technica story: Mysterious Undersea “Crop Circles” Finally Explained: In 2011, scientists determined that the rings themselves were made of eelgrass, a native type of seagrass that hosts small fish and other crustaceans. Late last year, after … Continue reading

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How do materials respond to hydrostatic pressure?

Thermodynamic stability demands that the compressibility, , be positive. This means that the volume should decrease with increasing pressure. For fluids (gases and liquids), the volume decrease is accomplished by an equal decrease in linear dimensions along all directions. This … Continue reading

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Melting point of iron at 800,000 atm!

Since we were just talking about the effect of pressure on the melting and boiling temperatures of pure materials, here’s an interesting news item. Recent research at Caltech suggests that the melting point of iron at high pressures of 10 … Continue reading

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Electronic Tattoo

An interesting NBC Learn feature on wearable electronics for medical diagnostic (and many other) purposes.

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