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Beautiful Science Demo Inside a Giant Vacuum Chamber

You’ve just got to watch this fantastic re-creation of Galileo’s famous experiment — only this time, with a bowling ball and feathers which are dropped inside a giant vacuum chamber at NASA. Awesome! Advertisements

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An excellent (and short) primer on Stereographic Projection

The Guardian has an excellent article by Alex Bellos: Pumpkin geometry: stunning shadow sculptures that illuminate an ancient mathematical technique. “Henry Segerman and Saul Schleimer paint beautiful shadows based on the maths of stereographic projection, a method originally used by … Continue reading

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Undersea Microstructures

From Nadia Drake’s Ars Technica story: Mysterious Undersea “Crop Circles” Finally Explained: In 2011, scientists determined that the rings themselves were made of eelgrass, a native type of seagrass that hosts small fish and other crustaceans. Late last year, after … Continue reading

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Fourier Transforms, X-ray Diffraction, Quasicrystals

Aatish Bhatia, the popular science writer/blogger behind Empirical Zeal, has a pretty neat primer on Fourier transforms with quite a few links to animations that you can view on your browser. Over at Better Explained, Kalid also has a wonderful … Continue reading

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