1. Fermat’s Last Theorem (YouTube). A fascinating 45-minute documentary on Prof. Andrew Wiles’s secret, multi-year pursuit of the proof of FLT. Directed by the great science popularizer Simon Singh and John Lynch, it has one of the most memorable opening sequences ever in a documentary. [It’s a BBC documentary from 1996. I first noted it on my blog on 28 August 2010.]

  2. On the mystery of a ball that fills a box, but vanishes in the vastness of higher dimensions by Brian Hayes in American Scientist (November 2011). [First noted on my blog on 4 December 2011)

  3. An eternity of infinities: the power and beauty of mathematics by Ashutosh Jogalekar in his blog Curious Wavefunction hosted at Scientific American (January 2013).

  4. Lê Nguyên Hoang: The most beautiful equation of math: Euler’s identity. With lots of links, and videos!

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