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Moire Animals!

If you know something about Moiré fringes (in materials, we encounter them primarily in transmission electron microscopy; see also the Wikipedia entry on Moiré patterns), you will appreciate Andrea Minini’s Animals in Moiré, a collection of black and white illustrations.

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A Peep into a Jet Engine

Jacob O’Neal’s animations of the inner workings of a jet engine are a visual treat! Some of the jet engine components (especially those in the turbine immediately behind the combustor) are also an excellent example of extreme materials as they … Continue reading

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An excellent (and short) primer on Stereographic Projection

The Guardian has an excellent article by Alex Bellos: Pumpkin geometry: stunning shadow sculptures that illuminate an ancient mathematical technique. “Henry Segerman and Saul Schleimer paint beautiful shadows based on the maths of stereographic projection, a method originally used by … Continue reading

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