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Electric Charge, Surfactants, Bubble Nucleation, and …

… Boiling of Water! Here’s a neat video about the work. Here’s a quote from an MIT News story on the research: “The whole concept relies on the fact that whether a surface is hydrophobic or hydrophilic will affect the … Continue reading

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A Computational Look into Melting Predicts a Very High Melting Compound

This paper from Axel van de Walle’s group sounds interesting: Researchers predict material with record-setting melting point [see also this WaPo story]: The experimental record-holder is a substance made from the elements hafnium, tantalum, and carbon (Hf-Ta-C). But these new … Continue reading

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A short profile of Prof. Harry Bhadeshia

Over at Forbes India. He hits an interesting note (and I have heard him say this in a seminar at IISc many years ago, so this must be one of his favourites) when he says: … Bhadeshia explored the world … Continue reading

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Volume changes on melting

For most crystalline solids (in which the atoms/ions/molecules are packed tightly), we expect the density to fall on melting. This is somewhat easy to see for elemental metals. For example, the density of fcc Al falls from 2.7 g/cc to … Continue reading

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From tin pest to Napoleon’s disastrous war against Russia

Let’s start with a video of tin pest: From the Wikipedia entry on tin pest: At 13.2 degrees Celsius (about 56 degrees Fahrenheit) and below, pure tin transforms from the silvery, ductile metallic allotrope of β-form white tin to brittle, … Continue reading

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